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Our Team

Our project consists of multiple research-practice partnerships between U.S. school districts and universities.


Researchers and practitioners develop tools, routines, and representations to support instructional improvement initiatives in middle-grades mathematics.


Partner Districts


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School District Partners


Principal Investigators

Research Team

Consultants & Collaborators

Al Olsen: MindWare Media

Alicia Grunow: Improvement Collective
Anna-Lena Gruendler: Research Assistant, UC Riverside

Chikako Olsen: MindWare Media

Claire Wong: Learning Experience Designer, New York University

Erin Henrick: Vanderbilt University; Partner to Improve

Harold Asturias: Strategic Education Research Partnership

Jon Norman: Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching

Karen Tran: Strategic Education Research Partnership 

Kyle Ong: Programmer, New York University
Laura Wentworth​: California Education Partners
Louis Gomez: Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teachin

Marco Muñoz: Jefferson County Public Schools

Meaghan McMurran: Research Assistant, UC Riverside

Mi Sophia Lu: Learning Experience Designer, New York University

Paul LeMahieu: Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching

Phil Daro: Strategic Education Research Partnership
Sola Takahashi: WestEd

Sophia Vazquez: University of Washington

Suzanne Donovan: Strategic Education Research Partnership

Special thanks to our partners and funders!

We are incredibly grateful to all our district, school, and professional development organization partners, whose contributions are innumerable. We are not listing individual names in order to protect confidentiality.

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